10-10-2018 Update...

** The server has been restarted **
How to do the update:-

1- Open sro_connector and don't close it
2- Disable your antivirus or make an exception
3- Open our launcher and do the update
4- close sro_connector and don't open it again
5- Enjoy

Anyone have any problem with the update, just download this link and extract it inside the game folder and accept the replacement



Update info:

- New filter has been enabled with new features
- Battle Arena job has been removed
- Add Battle Arena Random working 24h
- Global quest has been removed
- Add Fearless quest [at 1per day quests] [Ong-Kokoru Quest]
- Ong mobs has been released at Samarkand
- Mobs 130 outside Jangan has been removed
- Add mobs 130 to an Area at [Town of Darkness]
- Fixed Job unique drop [donate silks]

New Lock System:-
Our new Lock System has been enabled already with our new filter features.
This system will lock your whole char with one order
Forget about the old system and use this one will be easy for you.
> To lock your char: !lock xxxxxx
> To unlock yourchar: !unlock xxxxxx
xxxxxx: its your pw can be letters or numbers

Lock System

Hint: any problem/issue let me know please.

* Attention plz *
Due to low no. of players, we made some decisions:-

- Buffers has been disabled inside FW zone
- Buffers allowed outside FW for wars/plvl
- Don’t insult each other, or the punishment will be hard like block PC
- PK and murder are allowed at max lvl 140
- Events will be made 2 times per day


20, Aug 2018

Patch Infos
- Invisible potion has been fixed to lvl 14

- 14d set-15d wep drop has been increased

- Cleric Sainta Abnormal H skill has been fixed

- Roc gate has been fixed to lvl 140

- Fearless Coin has been removed from HWT scrolls

- Battle arena reward has been increased to 10

- Add new Gift scroll for [EM] events

- Add new avatars [testing]



The server is Online now

> Update INFO:-

1- Add 15D Weapons drop at the New mobs [Jangan - Petra Desert]
2- Add 14D Set drop at the New mobs 
3- Fearless coin & Honor points has been removed from the Job System
4- Add New Style for the New Devil 
5- Edit some Avatars to be Normal (remove devil effect from it) like Angel Wing...etc 
6- Fix new skills name at Bot 
7- Decrease Donate Silk prices at NPC
8- Add Fearless Coin as reward at KillGm event 
9- Guild/Union emblem has been fixed 
10- Now Battle arena give more Fearless Coin [7 for winner, 2 for lose] team 
11- Fixing a few skills issues [like cleric ress delay..] 
12- Exp rate from 125 to 130 has been increased 
13- Add Fearless coin to HWT lvl.1, lvl.2 and lvl.3 scrolls 
14- FW limit is [3 characters], means everyone can open 3 chars at FW time [under discussion]
15- HWT scrolls drop rate has been increased

Hint: make sure that your bot pick the new scrolls
15D Nova weapons scroll
14D sun set scroll
How to get Fearless Coin?
1- Battle arena [win = 7, lose = 2] every 1h
2- HWT scrolls [lvl1= 15. lvl2= 20, lvl3= 30]
3- Kill GM auto event


New 140 Mastery Skills

** Attentions plz **
- For adding the new lvl of Mastery Skill, download this link and follow the steps


1- Download this link
2- Extract inside the game folder
3- Accept the replacement
4- Open [Chaos Updater OLD filter] and w8
5- When its done, Open sro_connector
6- Start the game and enjoy

Hint: you must close the game and ur bot before that
The server will be restarted today to take the effect


Chaos Client

Cap 140 - D15 Update

** Hello guys **
As we know that is ChaosOnline is a cap 130 server for more than 8 years, so we decided to upgrade our server to cap 140 with a few edits to make it balanced.
We didn't forget about the new players so we have add some edits will help the new players.

>> For new players:-

Instant Level 125

- Add Special 15D weps with the new chars
>Not Tradable weapons
>Max+ is 5
>Sell price is 1 gold

- Add Full 13D Sun FB 61% +5 set with the new chars [Max+ is 10]


>> Update info:-

- Ramadan Style has been removed
- Cap 140 has been released
- Add new 140 skills for CH and EU [opened at lvl 130]
- Add new 133~140 mobs at Petra Desert [more places will be add later]
- Add new Coin [Fearless Coin]
>can be optained from Battle Arena ONLY [info will be released later]
- Boneroc unique has been removed for now
- Petra Desert teleport lvl starts from 130+
- Petra Desert reverse points lvl starts from 130+
- Increase Purification Pills lvl to lvl 14
- Add 15D Immortal at PVP System
>You can pvp each other for immortals
- Old char effect has been removed
- Add new char effect
- NPCs has been moved to jangan
- NPC area has been closed
- 13D weps/set has been removed from npc
- 13D stones has been removed from npc
- 15D weps has been removed from npc
- 15D stones has been moved to Stones Shop
- Unique event [auto event] has been disabled for now
- Ways to get 15d immortal will be posted later
- Add Reverse Scroll at Donate NPC
- 15D moon weps has been released with a style [SOON]
- 15D nova set has been released [SOON]

How to get:
>Upgrade ur 15Dnova weapon +17 or higher to 15D Moon weapon
>Upgrade ur 14D set +15 no adv or higher to 15D Nova set

- 2 upgrade scrolls will be add later
- Add 15d nova set/acc/weps drop at the new mobs at Petra Desert [hard] [SOON]
- Add 15d moon weps drop at the new mobs at Petra Desert [harder] [SOON]
- You can get global from a quest now at Town Of Darkness

Elitepvpers thread

Silkroad4arab thread


Server Info

  • Server is : ONLINE
  • Online Players : 71 / 1000
    • Supporters Online: x / 4

  • Cap: 140 PVE
  • Race: CH/EUR
  • Degree: 14-15
  • Battle-Arena: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • Max Plus: 18 noADV
  • Help System: Enabled
  • Free Silk: 100k auto re-fill
  • PC (HWID): 8
  • Union Limit: 2
  • Guild Limit: 50


  • Timer: 18:47:56
  • Battle1:
  • Battle2:
  • Medusa:
  • FortressWar:
  • FW Register: Everyday
  • Job War: