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Latest Update Info

??Anoha Season II??
Active PVP System with notice 24h
XX has killed XX at PVP Mode ??
New Players GIFT: new character now created with max plus [+16]
?? Degree: 14 PVP
?? Cap: 130 New Skills
?? Survival Arena by Job
?? Wanted System
?? Honor System by Job
?? Sky Temple Trade Route
Latest update info:-
- Add new passive Defense Skill for Wizard
- Wizard skills has been modified
- New characters now created with max plus (+16)
- 14D Items has been removed from the shop
- Add CS drops at 6 uniques [Demon Warrior (STR-INT) - Arch Angel (STR-INT) - Dark Shinm (STR-INT)]

Latest Update Info

Hi everyone, here is our latest update info :-

- All skills has been reset
- LMS Event place has been changed
- PVP Mode notice system has been modified [Disabled at Honor/Survival time to avoid spam and Enabled after]
- PT has been disabled at Quests Room [to avoid PT mobs]
- Avatars drop from unique is tradable now
- CHN Mastery Skills is 3 builds now
- Add New Skills for INT ppl at Lightning
- Removed 90% from cold thieves
- Walls has been disabled again under job mode
- Lucky Rate has been increased with 5% [works with premium 20-25% only]
- FW Limit has been fixed [its 1 per PC]
- Zerk bug has been fixed inside Honor/Survival Rooms
- Survival/Honor time now is 30 mins instead of 1h
- Add SANTA unique inside Survival appear every 5mins
- SANTA drop 35~50 Honor Coin
- Survival (Thieves-Hunters) area has been changed
- Survival bug [Bow can attack behind the wall] has been fixed

Upcoming Updates:-

- New Dungeon lvl2 [harder]
- New drops at lvl2 Dungeon
...and more



Hello everyone. Some of you heard about season I and it was a success, so its time for season II with many new features suggested from our players.

All new server based on an old school, low cap and CH, we decided to make a new project with all new edits, new systems and new features can get you into the fun anytime you logged in Chaos. Welcome at ANOHA SeasonII

One of our goals is to provide you with a professionally made in-game content which will aim to make the server Play2win. That means everything you need to be stronger it can be obtained inside the game.

We took our time to think how can we force players to make his own fun anytime he login in the game. And sure we cant forget about Job System,
nearly everything ingame based on Job. So prepare yourself and your team mates for so much daily fun/wars.

Please, read our thread carefully and you'll find your system you would love to join us for.


Screenshots from our daily events
Grand opening was at 23-6. Its never too late to join us

 Degree 14 PVP/PVE
 Cap 130
 Survival Arena by Job
 Wanted System
 Honor System by Job
 Sky Temple Trade Route

 Epvp thread:

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 168 / 1000

    Server is : ONLINE
  • Cap 130
  • Degree 14
  • Race CH/EU
  • Type PVP
  • Drop Gold 1x
  • Fortress War Constantinople
  • Auto Events Daily
  • Weekly Event Available
  • Max Plus 16 noAdv
  • PC (HWID) Limit 5
  • Guild Limit 32
  • Union Limit 2
  • Battle Arena Yes
  • Survival Arena Yes By Job
  • Annihilation Room Yes By Job
  • Wanted System Enabled
  • Honor System Yes By Job


  • Servertime: 08:16:14
  • Fortresswar:
  • FW Register: Every Day
  • Next BA:
  • Quests Room:
  • Honor System:
  • Madness Event:
  • Survival [Job]:
  • LMS Event:
  • Annihilation:
  • Unique Event:
  • Sky Temple:
  • The Roc:
  • Kill GM Event:
  • Lucky Party Number:
  • Lucky PM Event:


Last 10 Unique Kills

  • CaSaBlAnCa has killed Dark Shinm(INT) 00:29:43 ago

  • _Casky has killed Rogue Demon(STR) 00:37:29 ago

  • _Casky has killed Cerberus 00:50:06 ago

  • _Casky has killed Demon Shaitan 00:50:51 ago

  • _Casky has killed Arch Angel(STR) 00:54:37 ago

  • _Casky has killed Zed The Beast(STR) 00:58:16 ago

  • _Casky has killed Demon Warrior(STR) 01:06:55 ago

  • CaSaBlAnCa has killed Horned Demon(INT) 01:07:49 ago

  • _Casky has killed TigerGirl 01:13:44 ago

  • CaSaBlAnCa has killed Zed The Beast(INT) 01:40:53 ago

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